Visit a Family-Friendly Dentist

Finding a family-friendly dentist can be a challenge. Many dental practices claim they serve all ages – though they clearly would rather not. At Northwest Dental Group, we make it especially easy for families to visit us. We offer:

  • Free exams for children under 3
  • Wide range of dental services, from exams to implants
  • Cavity-free club for kids to encourage good oral hygiene habits
  • Hours as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 6 p.m., so it’s easy to schedule appointments around work or school
  • Dental assistance plan that allows you to pay for your family’s routine dental care with a predictable monthly fee

Pediatric Waiting Room

To visit a truly family-friendly dentist, Call Northwest Dental Group today at (507) 203-2332 to schedule your next appointment in Rochester, MN.

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