Start Making Over Your Smile With Invisalign!

You may already have plans for spring break, a summer vacation with your family, or perhaps a friend’s wedding in the fall.

Whatever special events are on your 2021 calendar, it would be great if you could enjoy them all without having to worry about your teeth.

Adults who are embarrassed about their crooked teeth often feel stuck with a smile they don’t like, making it hard to fully enjoy life’s special moments all because they can never bring themselves to make the sacrifices that are common to traditional orthodontics.

Who wants to pose for family photos or post selfies on social media with a mouth full of metal brackets and wires?

You don’t have to! Check out today’s video to hear Dr. Sperling explain how Invisalign works, one of our popular alternatives that relies on clear, comfortable aligners to correct your teeth.

Invisalign works quickly, often in a year or less, so it’s a great time to begin your smile makeover so next spring, you’ll be able to show off a brand new look! Call Northwest Dental Group today at (507) 203-2332 to schedule your consultation in Rochester, MN.