3 Unexpected Benefits Of Visiting The Dentist

woman getting her  teeth cleaned

When you think about visiting the dentist, routine cleanings probably come to mind first.

Then maybe you think about tooth fillings or dental X-rays.

And if that’s pretty much the extent of your own experiences at the dentist’s office, you’re already at an advantage!

Your dental hygiene appointments every six months are essential to healthy teeth and gums and keeping your risk for gum disease and other problems low.

But there are more reasons to visit your Rochester dentist that don’t necessarily involve working on your teeth.

Here are three other benefits of our dental care you may not expect:

#1 – Better Nutrition

It can be hard to eat a healthy, balanced diet in our fast-paced world. Most of us spend so much time on the go, we tend to reach for convenience foods that aren’t very good for us, full of refined carbs and loaded with sugar.

We offer nutritional counseling so you and your family can learn more about the vitamins and minerals that build stronger, healthier teeth and better health overall.

#2 – Better Protection Against Dental Injuries

We don’t just repair teeth. We can help you prevent the damage to begin with.

Our custom mouthguards are your favorite athlete’s best defense against injuries to the mouth, lips, gums, teeth, and jaw while they’re playing a sport, no matter the season.

Buying your child an athletic mouthguard from a store won’t provide the comfort and coverage of one that’s custom-made by one of our skilled dentists!

#3 – Better Sleep

Loud snoring, daily fatigue, weight gain, irritability, and problems with concentration are all symptoms of being a busy, hard-working adult. But they’re also common signs of sleep apnea, a condition where your breathing is interrupted in a vicious cycle during the night, causing you to wake up repeatedly whether you realize it or not.

Sleep apnea is a serious threat to your health, too, because it’s linked to such problems as heart disease, heart attack, hypertension, and more.

We offer custom solutions that will end your loud snoring and allow you to get the deep rest you need for better health and happiness!

Think cleaning teeth and filling cavities is all there is to a dental practice?

Then visit Northwest Dental Group for comprehensive care and wide-ranging services for the whole family.

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