5 Ways We Can Ease Your Dental Anxiety

Relaxed woman in bed

The pandemic that forced all of us to shelter in place for months meant routine dental care had to be put on hold.

We’d be willing to bet that there were many people across the country who didn’t mind staying away from the dentist at all!

But we’d also be willing to bet that’s because they just haven’t found a practice that caters to their comfort like they should.

Your Rochester dentist makes sure every patient who visits our office feels right at home from the moment they arrive. Here are five ways we can help ease your dental anxiety so your appointments are a breeze:

  1. You’ll find complimentary refreshments to enjoy while you wait.
  2. We offer longer appointment times so you never feel rushed.
  3. Soft pillows and blankets are available to make you feel warm and cozy.
  4. TV monitors and headphones make it easier to drown out environmental triggers.
  5. You have three different dental sedation options to choose from to help you relax!

Don’t be afraid to get back to routine dental care! Call Northwest Dental Group today at (507) 203-2332 to schedule your next appointment in Rochester, MN.

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