Bounce Back From Tooth Loss With Dental Implants!

Losing your teeth can be life-changing, impacting your appearance, health, and happiness.

Our mission is to do all we can to not only keep that from happening to you, but to offer solutions that can turn things around when you’re already suffering from poor dental health and tooth loss.

Our team at Northwest Dental Group is your support system, here to make sure your mouth is healthy, smile looks great, and quality of life is everything it can be! That’s why we’re sharing some hope in how you can bounce back from tooth loss with our modern dental implants in Rochester, MN.

The Health Of Your Mouth & Body Are Connected

Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss, which is why we try to stress the importance of dental checkups. Catching it early is your best chance to avoid all the devastating consequences of periodontal infection on your oral health and your body.

Studies tell us gum disease is related to systemic health problems like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, asthma, and so much more.

Not just that, but the simple act of chewing is compromised when you have loose or missing teeth, which has obvious implications for your nutrition, digestion, and overall health, as well.

Protecting the health of your mouth, then, is essential to protecting your body, and that means you need a tooth replacement solution that fully restores oral function.

That’s what dental implants can do!

The Dental Implant Advantage

Obviously, you want to keep your teeth for as long as possible. That takes dedication to routine dental care and a daily commitment to good oral hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

But what if you already have missing teeth?

Dental implants require the support of a strong jawbone, which begins to deteriorate immediately once a tooth is lost. An implant, placed inside the jaw, assumes the job of a tooth root and attaches to the bone, stopping its destruction and strengthening it over time. The restoration secured to the implant will then function and look just like a real tooth.

Stop the bone loss, stop the widespread tooth loss!

That’s why you want to take action and replace a lost tooth as soon as possible.

We offer several dental implant options, including dentures, so that no matter how many teeth are missing, you can find a solution that suits your health needs and lifestyle goals.

Prevent Tooth Loss Now!

Preventing tooth loss is ideal because nothing works as well as your natural teeth. You can do that with routine preventive care from your Rochester dentist.

But if you’ve already been affected by tooth loss, and dentures aren’t allowing you to live the life you want, the good news is that you still have options.

Rebuilding your smile is possible when you restore missing teeth with dental implants.

Quick action makes a difference when it comes to choosing the best implant solution for you, so be sure to stay updated on our latest hours of operation, and call Northwest Dental Group at (507) 203-2332 to schedule your consultation at Rochester, MN.

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