Let Us Handle Your Holiday Dental Emergencies!

Nothing can turn your holidays into a humbug faster than a dental emergency.

And this is no time to lose the full, comfortable function of your teeth or be embarrassed about your smile!

That’s why we’re letting you know where to find emergency dental care in Rochester when you need it most!

Dental Emergencies Can Be A Real Humbug!

Here are four common dental emergencies we see at Northwest Dental Group, how you can respond, and what we can do to help!

*A Damaged Or Traumatized Tooth*

Chips, cracks, and decay are all examples of damaged teeth. Even if the trauma is minimal, like a tiny fracture, it’s not something you should ignore because in its weakened state, you’re at risk for more serious damage in the future.

Not just that, but any openings in your tooth enamel are an open door to bacteria and infections, and ultimately, intense pain!

Get emergency dental care to repair compromised teeth before the problem becomes more visible and more serious!

*A Loose Tooth*

You might be tempted to mess with it, but you should avoid trying to pull a loose tooth.

Nothing will ever work as well as a real tooth, so you don’t want to risk having it fall out completely. We would prefer to strengthen the tooth and make sure it’s structurally sound so your tooth root remains intact. That gives you a better long-term outcome in terms of your jawbone and gum health, not to mention the longevity of your natural teeth!

*A Knocked-Out Tooth*

You could slip on a patch of ice or get elbowed in the mouth trying to score the limited-time holiday deal in an unfortunate Black Friday scuffle.

The point is, accidents happen, even to the most cautious among us.

If one of those accidents results in a knocked-out tooth, the first thing you should do is apply pressure to the area to stop any bleeding. Then you should call your Rochester dentist for an emergency appointment, and bring the tooth, if you can, in a sealed container of milk or water. We can’t guarantee your tooth can be saved, but even if it can’t, we offer a number of replacement solutions that will restore your oral function and your smile.

*A Failed Restoration*

An old filling or dental crown can break just as suddenly as a tooth can under the right conditions. When you’re stringing popcorn to trim the tree, and you toss a few kernels into your mouth that haven’t popped completely, you can bite down the wrong way and break or loosen your restoration.

It may or may not cause you pain, but either way, you’ll need to visit us as soon as possible so we can repair or replace it.

We offer fast solutions, like our same-day dental crowns, so your holiday plans (or delicious treats and feasts!) don’t have to be spoiled by a failed restoration.

Leave Your Dental Emergencies To Us!

Don’t be rattled by a dental emergency this season. We’ll do everything we can to quickly save your smile, and your holidays, from turning into a real humbug!

If you suffer from a toothache or painful dental problem, call Northwest Dental Group right away at (507) 203-2332 to schedule an emergency appointment with your trusted Rochester dentist.