Sleep Better With Our Snoring & Sleep Apnea Solutions in Rochester

If you wake up feeling as tired as when you went to bed, or if you snore loudly during your sleep, then you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Like they have for countless others, our Rochester snoring and sleep apnea solutions offer you hope. Treatment with a custom oral appliance from Northwest Dental Group can help you:

  • Enjoy better quality sleep with fewer interruptions
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day
  • Snore less so you and your bed partner both sleep better
  • Help you avoid serious health risks associated with sleep apnea

Yes, your family dentist offers the treatment you need to sleep better! Call Northwest Dental Group today at (507) 710-3616 to schedule your hassle-free consultation. You’ll find our friendly office at 2056 Superior Drive NW – not far from Costco.

Stop Sleep Apnea & Snoring

A custom oral appliance – from either SomnoDent or ResMed – will gently move your lower jaw forward, helping keep your airway open and preventing snoring and sleep apnea. The device will fit comfortably in your mouth, and you’ll be able to speak clearly, drink, and even take oral medication while wearing it. Plus, you could potentially avoid having to rely on a CPAP machine.

Our treatment will help you wake up feeling better, be more productive during the day, and reduce your risk of heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes – all of which have been linked to sleep apnea. In addition, if you need to have a sleep test performed for an accurate diagnosis of sleep apnea, we can connect you with a local physician who can help.

Find Out About Sleep Apnea

If you don’t know much about snoring and sleep apnea, you should. Many people suffer from these conditions – perhaps yourself or one of your family members.

Obstructive sleep apnea (the most common type of sleep apnea) occurs when the tongue and other soft tissues in the throat relax during sleep and temporarily block your airway. As air passes over these tissues, it causes them to vibrate, which results in snoring.

When the airway is obstructed, you stop breathing momentarily, and your brain wakes up your body to take in more air. After you take a few normal breaths, you drift back to sleep again – until the next episode of sleep apnea, which could take only a few seconds. This cycle can repeat itself dozens of times per hour or hundreds of times a night!

Call us today to get snoring and sleep apnea solutions in Rochester: (507) 710-3616. You can also use our online form to schedule online. We’re ready to help!

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