Of all the reasons a person might not be getting the routine dental care they need for good oral health, fear of the dentist is likely at the top of the list. What’s so sad about how common dental anxiety is among adults is that it keeps people from having the healthy, beautiful smiles they’re proud of, yet it’s an issue that can be easily overcome with the right help.

If you need a full-mouth reconstruction because you’ve spent too much time away from the dentist, we’re just the team to help you!

Here are three facts about this dental procedure you should know:

#1 – A full-mouth reconstruction is different for every patient.

A full-mouth reconstruction is a combination of recommended dental procedures specific to your unique oral health needs. That means your process won’t look the same as another patient’s treatment plan. But the overall goal is the same – to give patients back a full set of strong teeth that allow them to eat healthy, delicious foods again and a smile they can confidently show off.

#2 – It’s a treatment plan that can include any number of services.

Depending on the dental problems you have, reconstructing your smile could involve any number of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services to give you a smile that’s better than it’s ever been. Your plan might include anything from gum therapy to tooth extractions to dental implants to crowns and bridges to dentures or any combination of these solutions.

#3 – Your full-mouth reconstruction can be relaxing and comfortable.

The best part about the work we do in Rochester, MN is that it’s comfortable for anxious patients who have been too afraid to get the routine dental care they’ve needed. That’s because we offer dental sedation options that help calm your nerves so you can lay back and relax throughout the entire process.

Don’t settle for an unhealthy mouth or an embarrassing smile!

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