Same-Day Crowns Are A Fast, Stress-Free Smile Fix!

If you or someone in your family has a damaged tooth or a toothache, you have to drop everything to go to the dentist and fix it. The unexpected cost and time it takes when that dental problem requires a new crown only adds to an already stressful situation.

But when you trust a dentist who values your time as much as your health, fixing your teeth is a snap!

Your friends at Northwest Dental Group invest in the most modern solutions so that restoring your smile is fast and convenient, allowing you to keep your mouth healthy without the hassle.

Fix Your Smile Fast With Same-Day Crowns!

CAD/CAM technology has made restorative dentistry faster and easier than ever before, but not every dental practice has this groundbreaking system. Luckily for our patients in Rochester, MN, we do! It allows us to fix your smile fast!

*It All Happens Here In A Single Visit*

One of the most innovative solutions in modern dentistry is CAD/CAM technology, which is an abbreviated way of referring to the computer-aided design and manufacturing of dental restorations.

In simpler terms, it means we’re able to create permanent dental crowns in a single visit!

Rather than taking goopy impressions of your tooth, we use a digital scanner, which is more comfortable and far more precise in its measurements.

Then the information is used by our milling machine to fabricate your new crown right here in our office, not in some outside lab that requires up to a two week wait to get your restoration ready.

All this happens in minutes while you lay back and relax in the dental chair!

*No Hassle, No Wait, No Stress*

One appointment can be inconvenient, but necessary, to fix problem teeth. It’s worth it to relieve dental pain, restore oral function, maintain your smile, and keep your mouth healthy.

But with families being pulled in so many different directions these days, anything beyond that can be a real hassle. Still necessary, but a hassle nonetheless!

That’s why patients love our CAD/CAM technology, which gives you permanent restorations in one easy visit. That includes placing and adjusting it over your treated tooth until the fit is just right.

If you’re still waiting a couple of weeks to repair a single tooth, you may be visiting the wrong dentist!

Repair Your Smile!

Our investment in CAD/CAM technology is just one example of our commitment to providing you with the latest, most convenient dental care.

In a single appointment, we’re able to repair your smile so that sudden or unexpected dental problems don’t have to create more stress or hassle for your life than they already do.

If you have a damaged tooth or dental pain, visit us soon so we can take care of it right away!

Call Northwest Dental Group today at (507) 203-2332 to schedule an appointment in Rochester, MN.