Start The New Year With A Smile Makeover

Woman smiling

Ready to put 2020 behind you and start fresh?

Aren’t we all?!

One of the best ways to begin a brand new year is with a brand new look. If your teeth or gums make you feel insecure about your appearance, why not change them?

You don’t have to spend another year with a smile that makes you unhappy.

Make the new year your best one yet with a smile makeover at Northwest Dental Group!

A Smile Makeover Plan Designed Just For You

At your consultation, you’ll be able to talk to one of our experienced dentists about everything you want to change about your smile. Then, we’ll design a treatment plan especially for you to achieve those goals, combining all the services necessary to makeover your smile.

We’ll also give you a sneak peek at your results before any treatment begins with a smile preview so you can feel more confident about your decision!

Here are just a few of the cosmetic services your makeover plan might include:

*Teeth Whitening*

Perhaps the easiest and most affordable cosmetic dentistry option is teeth whitening, which is safest and most effective in the hands of the professionals.

More powerful than whitening products available over-the-counter, our system delivers amazing results in as little as one appointment.

But if you’d rather go at your own pace, you can remove teeth stains with our customized take-home kit!

*Dental Veneers*

Veneers allow you to customize your new smile to your exact specifications, making the size, shape, position, and color of your teeth look just the way you want them to. It’s what dentists often look to for the best solution to achieve that glamorous Hollywood smile you see on the red carpet.

Hide chips, stains, gaps, and so much more and enjoy the confidence of a radiant, flawless smile!

*Gum Reshaping*

A gummy smile is one where excess gum tissue hides too much of a person’s teeth for attractive visual balance overall.

With our advanced laser technology, we can adjust an overwhelming gumline by gently removing the extra tissue so your teeth become the star of your smile!


You don’t have to put yourself through all the typical hassles of metal braces to achieve great results. There are faster, more comfortable, and more discreet options in orthodontics than ever before.

Invisalign is one of those options, a clear aligners system that is barely visible and effective in moving teeth into the right position in only a fraction of the time it takes for standard braces.

Most patients can achieve results in about a year without having to sacrifice their routine or their appearance during treatment!

Call Now For A Consultation!

You don’t have to wait until 2021 to get started. Set up your smile makeover consultation now so you can create your new look sooner!

Call Northwest Dental Group today at (507) 203-2332 to schedule your appointment with one of our skilled dentists in Rochester, MN.